Neon Racer

Neon Racer is a futuristic flash game in which you have to follow the right path and find your way to the end of each stage.

Neon Racer

There are 20 levels in total in Neon Racer game, so you have plenty of time to get used to the controls and gameplay.

This game is not your average racing game. There are four possible paths: red, blue, green, and yellow. You have to change the color of your vehicle with the arrow keys and make it follow the appropriate path. The WASD keys are used for basic controls like acceleration and balancing. A health bar is displayed on the bottom right side of the screen, but if you flip over, you will explode after just a couple of seconds. The goal of each round of Neon Racer is to move rapidly and reach the end without taking damage. Because of this, you will have to multitask; switch between colors, figure out which path you are going to take, and keep an eye on the mini-map at the same time. If you finish a level, you can advance to the next one. If you get stuck at any point during a race, you just have to hit the space bar and the round will automatically restart.

Each new level of Neon Racer is harder than the previous one, but this is exactly what makes this flash game interesting and exciting. Once you get used to the game mechanics, you won't have any problem beating your previous records and you will enjoy riding the neon lights much more.

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